Creating Healthy Habits One Bite At A Time

Take The Stress Out Of Meals 

Our Free One More Meal Challenge offers guidance from a registered dietitian who walks you though how to plan healthy family meals - the easy way! By the end of the challenge, you will have the tools needed for stress free mealtime and you will successfully add at least one more homemade meal to your weekly menu. 

This years Meal Challenge starts in February! Join Now - It's FREE, but spaces are limited! 

What you’ll get out of this FREE 10 Challenge/ 10 Week course:

Our Meal Challenge both challenges and guides you towards making more healthy homemade meals for your family. Developed by a regiestered dietitian, this challenge provides guidance, tips, and recipes that will leave your family nourished and happy. Simple tips, simple ingredients, all easy to impliment in your home. Learn how to make family mealtime the best part of the day.

Creating Healthy Habits One Bite At A Time

Healthy & Fun

10 Challenges over 10 weeks - all with guidance from a registered dietitian to get your family making more homemade meals and fun tips to get your family involved. 

minimum prep

Kids In The Kitchen

Tips for getting even the youngest of chef's helping in the kitchen - learn why this is key. 


From The Pantry

All recipes use fresh, wholesome ingredients. Learn how to stock a healthy pantry for quick meals. 

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